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The Activity Plan discusses in detail the project and more specifically the outreach activities that will be undertaken as part of the project. If you would like to read the Activity Plan it is now available to view online here

The Angus Library and Archive would like to see more people from a wider cross section of society using The Angus to engage in the heritage of the Nation, the Baptist denomination and their church and family. We want to make sure that people have the knowledge and skills to ensure that local Baptist churches keep their archives properly and are aware of the need to continue to produce items which will become the heritage archives of the future. We will do this by:

1) Identifying the extent of the collection and ensuring it is conserved where necessary using a grant from the Pilgrim Trust.

2) Developing an audience development plan which will include:
a. Exhibitions
b. Tours (including Baptist and Non-conformist walking tours of Oxford)
c. Best Practice courses 
  • Writing your church history 
  • Preserving your church history 
d. Key Stage 2,3 & 4 scheme development we anticipate that the schemes may cover:
  • The Victorians and non-conformists. 
  • Trade in the Edwardian period 
  • Colonialism 
  • The Slave Trade 
  • Religious liberty and tolerance 

We will do all of the above by engaging and training volunteers from the student and wider community where possible.

For further information about The Angus, please take a look at the following:
Meet our Team
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