Using the Angus

At The Angus Library and Archive we welcome anyone that needs to use the collection. If you are researching an area that requires a visit to us we would be happy to see you.

Although researching Baptist history is an obvious reason people would use The Angus, it is only one of many subjects people research. We have had people research, ship building, slavery, human rights, women's rights, missionary work, geography, linguistics, the list is endless.

The reasons people visit are just as varied with people undertaking: family history, researching doctoral work, writing church histories, academics researching papers and publications, lay people with an interest in a person or event.

Below is some helpful information about the practicalities of using The Angus Library:

Access: Access to The Angus Library and Archive is by appointment only.

Hours: Weekdays from 9.30am to 4.30pm and closed between 1pm and 2pm for lunch.

Fees: £5.00 per day pro rata and photocopies cost 15p per copy if the item is deemed suitable for copying.

ID: A form of photographic I.D and a letter of reference either from a course supervisor or somebody of standing in your community.

Forms: There are a few forms to fill in when you arrive, but these won’t take long.

If you think we have something that you need to research then contact us on to talk about it.

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