Monday, January 7, 2013

Let the fun begin!

Well 2013 is here which means the start of our exciting new project.

Thank you everyone for your congratulations it has been a long road thus far but now the fun starts.


The news has spread and has been reported in the news section of the National Archives website and in the online denominational newsletter Baptist Times.

We are continuing to promote our successful grant application and would be happy to talk with anyone further about it.

So the work begins

The first steps to be taken are the setting up of the project with much of the activities beginning in a few months time.

The key tasks that will be initially undertaken will include the appointment of the Project Administrator and also the first meeting of the Project Board.

New Position
The Project Administrator will be a full time position what will provide admin support for the project and also The Angus, this is a crucial role in ensuring the smooth running of the project.

We expect to advertise this position this week and information will be posted on the blog once this has happened so stay tuned.

Once again thank you for all your well wishes, please check back to the blog often as we will be updating it regularly now that the project has begun.

Best wishes to all for 2013.


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